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  篇一:英语fun88乐天使备用 自我提高创新的重要性

  Recently, there is an exciting news that Alibaba Group has appeared on the market in the NYSE. It changes the traditional business model and provides a bran-new competitive industry, E-business. As we all know, it must be ascribed to the creative force of Jack Ma,chairman of Alibaba. So,we realize that creative spirit plays a vital role in our modern life.

  As the old saying goes, innovation is the soul of the nation. With the rapid economy development in the whole world, human beings greatly reckon on creativity in variety of aspects and it is extremely nesessary in our life. First of all, creativity depends the progress and prosperity of a country. For example, our country has achieved anything since we followed the policy of reform and opening. What obvious feature is, the income of people is increasing and the living standard is greatly improved. All changes which have been taken place benefit from creative of our country. Secondly, it has huge effects in technology. If human want to be strong,we can overcome difficulties, such as serious disease, environment pollution, food shortage and so on, therefore we need to use creative spirit to process technology innovation drastically. In addition, everyone also have consciousness of innovation. Everybody have the duty to do some thing to promote the advancement of our society, whatis more, we can obtain joyfully from creative work.

  To sum up, human need creativity. It is closely related with our life, and I believe creative spirits are indispensable parts in our lives, and will be more and more importment in the future.


Dear my tiger parents:

  To be honest, it’s still gratifying to know that you set down some rules for me thoroughly. Because I know it is your love that makes you to do so. You establish them in order to let me own a bright future and not regret for what I have done today. Nevertheless, what I really need is just a room to learn this complex world through my consecutive trying.

  Since I was in primary school, you have driven me to school to learn to play the piano every week while I was keen on guitar. Although I have made some achievements through your strict training, there is no denying that I am still unhappy. However, as is known to us all, only when people put their hearts into music can they create beautiful sound.

  In your opinion, nothing is more important than to become the top student. Under such stress, I need some ways to release them, but you forbid me attending sleepovers even hanging out with my friends. To speak frankly, I feel I am becoming a “study machine” day by day. There is no passion in my life and I just spare no effort to gain knowledge. Forbids on TV and Internet make me lose contact with the world. It’s universally acknowledged that if a student only buries himself in studying and don’t concern about the society, he will make no contribution to the world.

  Substantial as my life is, the qualities of my life is on no account satisfactory. My dear tiger parents, so precious is my adolescent that I

  can’t make it such dull. Please give me a sky, just let me fly. I’m sure I will give you a surprise to see how strong I become.

  Yours sincerely,


  Experts are not single-minded

  Doctor: Well, then tell me your symptoms and I will judge your illness. Patient: But I don’t need your diagnosis. Just give me the pills I want.

  Doctor: Hey, who do you think is the expertAs a medical expert, I am quite

  familiar with almost all the diseases. You’d better follow my order!

  Patient: You have to learn about thousands of diseases, but I only have to focus

  on fixing what’s wrong with ME! Now which one of us do you think is the expert

  The patient regards herself as an “expert”, taking it for granted that expert only means specialized. Apparently, she is wrong about not only the definition of an expert but also herself. Unfortunately, she jumps into the narrow well and become a frog that is conceited and ignorant. But is the doctor an expertWhat on earth is a real expert

  From my own perspective, it is extensive knowledge that an expert should basically have. After all, all the things in the universe are connected and so is knowledge. Just as an old saying goes, you’ll never know where your hometown is unless you go out of it. Being learned is the way to go out of hometown and only that will make a person be clear-headed in his subject and be superior to others as an expert.

  Of course, professional knowledge is another necessary quality. For instance, my aunt got ill the other day. She thought she caught a cold so she

  drank some hot water to get over it. But that didn’t take any effect and she felt even worse. So she went to the hospital. With the doctor’s treatment, she made a prompt recovery. Her wrong judgment prolongs her pain and that teaches me the significance of professional knowledge.

  However, all the theories must be applied to practice. So an expert should also be acquainted with sufficient concrete cases. Experts who don’t have experience can’t help us to solve problems in our daily life so that they are not useful to our society. That’s why most experts aren’t at a very young age. Time is needed for them to accumulate a wealth of experience and be proficient in solving common problems.

  Finally, the most indispensable quality of an expert is noble moral. An ordinary person is only concerned about every aspects of himself. But an

  expert has to be concerned about a single aspect of other people. That requires the expert to have the equal heart to love and care others and give his shoulder to others’ climbing. So an expert doesn’t simply mean professionalism but also means sacrifice.

  In brief, an expert must have extensive and professional knowledge, abundant experience and noble moral. I think Yuan Long ping has all the

  qualities. He devotes his entire life to hybrid rice and solves the grain issues of over six billion people. He has an unselfish heart to make sacrifice. His

  achievements tell us how to write the word “expert”! As for the doctor in the picture, we can’t judge whether he is an expert or not because there is no safe

  evidence of whether he has all of the qualities. Virtually, it is not easy to be an expert. Some self-appointed “experts” should take off their conceited coats and be engrossed in studying and accumulating.


  The direction I seek

  We all have a direction in our mind. When you are at a loss, it will lead the way for you. When are disappointed, it will encourage you to move on. Without exception, I have a hero whose spirit inspires me in my heart. His name is Michael Jackson.

  Michael Jackson is an American black. When he was a little boy, American blacks were not respected. His father had great ambitions for his children. So he was often severe with him. There was a little time for him to relax everyday, on the contrary he must spend all the time staying at recording studio. It was hard for such a little child to stick to it, but instead he did not quit.

  No pains, no gains. He succeeded in music. Five of his solo studio albums had became some of the word’s best selling records. He became the spiritual leader of the American blacks.

  However, life is full of ups and downs. In 1986, Michael Jackson’s skin began to turn white. People have almost made an assumption that he did an operation on purpose. The whole deserted him. But he didn’t care about other people’s opinions. He insisted on making music and committed to the cause of charity.

  Nowadays, most students hate studying. They can’t concentrate their attention on studying. Even if they do it, they are lacking persistence. I can’t do it too. When I want to give up, Michael Jackson’s inspiring story

  always reminds me to move on. It tells me there is no shortcut to success. Our lives are filled with being questioned. Everyone has been questioned. Some people can’t stand it and even worse they feel depressed, because of this. When I was questioned, I always think if I were Michael Jackson, what would I doMaybe I would let it go and carry on with my life. He is my goal to study forever. His spirits inspires me forever. He will live in my heart forever. Thank him from the bottom of my heart.


  One’s achievement isn’t for money and fame,but for being well.

  Franklin.D.Roosevelt once said:“Success is doing what you want to do.”I believe it firmly. Personal satisfaction that you got from the process for the dream, is the best reward for your achievement, which gives you spiritual legacy. As a matter of fact, spiritual legacy is more valuable than wealth and fame in my thought, because the latter can only make you happy for a short while.Those men, aimed at fame and wealth, couldn’t insist on working hard for their dreams all the time and easily meet their waterloo. Besides, they sometimes are called“dogs in the manger.”

  It is obvious that if you just long for money and power, your dreams aren’t real dreams. Also, as for me, it is in order to make my life meaningful that I study hard everyday. I sometimes thought of Madam Gurie, a great scientist who twice won The Nobel Prize, concentrated her thought and energy on her research and experiments all her life. But what impressed me most aren’t her achievements she got then, but her attitudes towards wealth and fame. How it surprised me that she gave her medals to her daughter as toys and contributed her bonus to research. Did she love wealth and fame better rather than personal satisfactionThe answer is obvious.

  When I was young ,my father often went fishing with me on weekends. After having sought out a good place and having made everything prepared, we could lie on the grass for a whole day. Not expecting for any fishes, we relaxed ourselves and enjoyed the sightseeing around us. The happiness and fulfillment we got were more valuable to me rather than the cheap fishes.

  To care for wisdom and truth and improvement of the soul is far better than to seek money and honor and reputation. Although I still have a lot of difficulties achieving my goals, the happiness and fulfillment I have received will motivate me to go on with them.

  In a word, I am a man who agrees that the personal satisfaction is the best reward for one’s achievement. I am a slow walker, but I’ll never walk backwards.

  篇七:如何提高大学生的创造能力(英语fun88乐天使备用版)How to promote college students' creativity

  How to promote college student’s creativity As we know,there are signs that college students are lack of creativity in China.This condition is caused by many reasons.Frist of all,in Chinese tradition”teaching by holding his hand”is the best way to develop skills,which makes students lose the ability of thinking deeply.Besides,solving problems with computers makes students very lazy,so much so that they lose the interest of creativity.What’s worse,quantities of students hold the view that creativity is useless. In my opinion,measures must be taken to promote college student’s creativity.There are many things that we can do.On the one hand,the government should issue some polices which are good at creativity.On the other hand,we should learn some useful experience from Western style,for example,paying more attention to originality and independence.What’s important is that we college students should set up the ideas that creativity create new world and we have potential to create new world.

  In conclusion,only if we make concerted efforts we can own the sprirt of creativity.


  Dear Mr. President,

  I’d like to show my opinions on students’ scientific and technological abilities for innovation and give some suggestions.I don’t think our school is well engaged in improving students’ innovation abilities. In my eyes, students in our school do little innovative jobs other than study. In most of their part time, they listen to music, read books, or play computer games, which needn’t be much creative.

  In order to improve abilities for innovation, firstly university leaders can show the importance of innovation by lectures, posters, etc. Then secondly, lessons and atmosphere in class can be improved by teachers, for example, to encourage creative thinking and innovative assignments. Finally, large numbers of creative activities such as scientific inventions also help a lot. By participating in those activities, students can not only be more creative, but also eich their lives.

  In a word, scientific and technological innovation is of great importance. With more excellent and creative students in science and technology, our school will be more powerful, so will our country.



  With the development of social economy, innovation has received more and more attention as to the obbligato role of innovation in social development.

  Why do so many people think that innovation is important

  Later on, I will demonstrate this problem from three aspects. First of all, for individuals, innovative thinking has a significant impact on the future of human beings. People make progress by way of innovation day by day. Furthermore, for enterprises, innovation is the basis of the

  survival and development. Innovation can improve production efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises. Last but not least, for countries, innovation is the soul of national prosperity and national

  progress. Without innovation, countries couldn't survive in the world.

  So how do we promote innovation

  As far as I am concerned, both individuals and governments should take an active part. For individuals, we should enhance the innovative thinking and improve the ability of innovation. In addition, we should actively participate in innovation activities. For governments, they should encourage social innovation, providing preferential policies and favorable conditions. Merely in this way, can we create a social environment conducive to innovation virtually.












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