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人物英语fun88乐天使备用:My friend and I

  1、My name is Li BaoLing . I have a good friend . Her name is Chen ZiQing . I am 13 years old . She is as old as me. I am 155cm tall. She is 150cm tall . She is 5cm shorter than me . I am 36kg . She is 37kg . She is heavier than me .She often does homework with me .We always help each other. I am happy to have a good firend .

  2、I have a friend,he name is He Zichen.I and he like play ping-pong,We'er usually after school play ping-pong。He and I like playing basketball. Sometimes, we play basketball at P.E. lesson. He likes copying my homework. As soon as I finish my homework, he will steal it for copying.



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