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My English study英语fun88乐天使备用(推荐)

  My English study英语fun88乐天使备用1

  English is one of the most important subjects in middle school.

  Almost everyone knows that we should learn English well, but few of us know how to learn it well. Karl Marx has set a good example for us. He once said, "When one is learning a foreign language, he must use the foreign language." In this way, he could use several languages. A saying goes, "Practice makes perfect." When we learn English, we should read more, speak more, listen to English from time to time and practise writing every day. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Only in this way can we learn it well.

  My English study英语fun88乐天使备用2

  English is becoming more and more important under the trend of globalization, especially for us who often need to read a number of academic thesis in English and will work in the filed of IT finally.

  However, my English is not as good as I wish it were actually. I have learned English for over ten years, but focus the most time and energy on preparing for English exam, so that I didn’t grasp how to use English really.

  In my opinion, there are several reasons as following. Firstly, I can’t stick to learning English by myself. To tell the truth, I spent little time learning English unless there is an English examination. Secondly, I have no opportunity to talk with other people in English, and it’s seemed that there is no use of English in my life except passing the examination before I become a postgraduate.

  The present situation already differed from the before, I should read plenty of academic paper in English to get more information and knowledge in my research field. It’s heard that we should always communicate with foreign consumers and partners in English in the work. Therefore, it’s urgent for me to take efforts to improve my English. I will write no less than one piece of English blog each week on average and do more other practice to improve my English listening, speaking, reading, writing skill.

  I firmly believe that I’ll master English freely by my hard work and persistence in the near future.

  My English study英语fun88乐天使备用3

  I study English very hard,because I love English.

  I ofen read some English story and speak English in the morning,on my English class,I study English with my classmates,I love my English teacher because she is very beautiful.When I go home,I do my English homework,and watch some English film.

  This is my life about studying English!



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