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My little hamster 500 words composition (6 selected articles)


My little hamster 500 words composition (6 selected articles),希望能够帮助到大家。



The big and fat hamster was a birthday gift from my father, its fat head "small" ear, and its black gem -like eyes revealed a cute spirit.


Don't be confused by its appearance, it is irritable.Every day, it only moves in the cage and is hungry, and it is lifted with both hands, which means let us "cook".If we do n’t “cook” in one minute, it will “KO”.Lift your paws, grab it, and jump around.If you still mobilize, it will be troublesome: it will definitely jump out of the cage angrily, destroy it — knock the basin, break the bread, break the flower pot ...It will be in the cage, and it will be pleasing to you.


It is a well -known "Master Rat."Once, I took this "Master Master" to take a walk. It happened that it was hungry at this time, so it stopped and refused to leave. There was no way. I knew it was "powerful".My beloved ham sausage was dedicated to it. At this time, a dog was running opposite. The dog came to it just opened in front of it.Dog hair, the dog was startled and escaped quickly.


The "Master Rat" was playful.A light bulb, a cotton, and a wooden bar can be played for a day. Sometimes it secretly escapes out of the cage to play with a lot of pain, and returns to the cage the next morning.But one day I found that "Master Master" was gone!I was startled, looking for it, and finally found it in the box at the door.It turned out that it was too sleepy when it returned, so he slept at the door.I watched "Master Rat" crying and laughing.


"Master Rat" -n a cute, irritable, playful little hamster.



My family raised a small hamster, and I named it "lazy" because it was very lazy, and it was sleeping except eating.


Lazy body is white like a stick of winter snow, with a gray hair on his back, a pair of black gem -like eyes embedded on the round head, two small and exquisite ears on your head, and several silver beards growing.There is a short tail on the edge of the mouth.


The hamsters are rich in food, wheat, corn slices, melon seeds, mung beans, they all love to eat.It always picks up a grain of melon seeds, then takes the melon seeds sideways, and then bite the melon seed shell in a row in rows of teeth, spit it on the ground, and finally put the melon seed meat into the hand.After eating, wipe my mouth with the back of the hand.I really love it!


When you are lazy to sleep, you are more cute.It likes to roll into a ball to sleep in the corner of the cage, and from time to time, it will shake, or go to sleep in one direction.It's a little lazy!


It turns out that hamsters are not lazy, but it is a nightling animal.I like to sleep during the day, between 7 o'clock and 10 o'clock in the evening is the most active time.I saw the time. At seven o'clock in the evening, I went to see it. It seemed to know that I was here and showed me the slide.A pair of pink and tender little paws walked up from the slide. At the top of the top, I looked at it and looked around. It seemed to be saying: Oh, I am the most powerful hamster.On the treadmill ", the treadmill jumped from the treadmill to the wood chips.It's naughty!


This little hamster lazily brought me a lot of joy and joy. I would go to see it every day and play with it.



I have liked small animals since I was a child. I used to raise many and many small animals, but I never raised a small hamster.Last year's birthday, under my request again and again, my mother finally bought me a small hamster.The little hamster is so cute. I holding the little hamster like a priceless treasure. I couldn't help it. I gave it a name "bullet", which meant very fast.


When the bullet came to my house, there was no full moon, only a dozen centimeters long, small and exquisite small body, very cute.Its yellow and white fluffy fluff is smooth and smooth, touching with hands, soft, just like a chubby small hair ball, a pair of round and small eyes, strangely clever, always staring at the prey intently.Its limbs are flexible and agile.


I often put it in my arms and beside me.Why do I call the hamster as a bullet?Because every time I feed it, it was shot like a bullet.When it runs, it smells the smell from the nose, and follows this smell quietly. As soon as you discover what you eat, it holds the food in the mouth with a small paw.Hiding on the carpet to rest, eat, drink and sleep all day long.


I remember once, while I didn't pay attention to my parents, they quietly put the little hamster on the bed to sleep with me.It should be that I was too "bullet", and it became more and more presumptuous. It even pulled dung on the bed and was discovered by my father.Dad said angrily: "If you put the hamster on the bed again, I threw you and it to it." After listening to Dad's reprimand, I had to put the "bullet" under the bed.


But sometimes I didn't pay attention to my father, and I put the "bullet" on the bed to sleep together.


The little hamster "bullet" is the cutest in my mind and my best memory.



There are two little hamsters in my family, which are easy to get sick.If the hamster has more than two ones, if one is sick, the disease will be passed on the other hamster.


One night, when our house had just finished meals, when I went to see the little hamster, I found a little hamster lying in the cage and motionless.I saw the hamster's eyes closed tightly, and the claws were not moving. The mouth opened a little, flowing out of the liquid like saliva.We touched it with things, and it was still motionless."Is it dead?" I asked my mother in a doubtful tone."Well, it seems to die." Mom said to me.


But there is only one in the cage, what about the other?Suddenly, from the drawer below the TV, a "small meatball" like a flashing pass by, is it a hamster?So we slowly walked there and grabbed the "small meat ball".I saw it and found that it was another hamster.But the hamster, like the dead hamster, seems to be dead.Soon after, the hamster died.My mother told me that it turned out that the disease had passed on the other and died.


I'm so sad!They are so cute!When we bought it, I watched a lot, and finally chose the two.why?Because both of them have a pair of watery eyes, a small one, and some pointed nose, a small mouth, I don’t know when they laughed, when they did not laugh, because they seemed to say that the mouths were always curved and they were not curved nor if they were not curved nor did they not bend or not.Be curved, saying that flatness is not calm.


In retrospect, every morning, I went to see the hamsters together.In the sun, a wake -up is drinking water.Its mouth sucked and drank water."It's sweet, it's so delicious!" It seemed to be talking.The other one hasn't woke up yet, lying on the soft shavings, and moving the paw from time to time, as if enjoying it.But they have left me forever!


Writing here, tears came out unconsciously.



My family has a cute little hamster. It is called "Chocolate", which is only a month.


Its body is like a small hair ball, the hair color is gray, the ears are like semi -circular grass leaves, the eyes are like two black gems, and there is a "human shape" mouth.Don't look at its claws small, but its claws are small and powerful. Once I grabbed my hand to bleed!When the chocolate walks, the mouth is closed from time to time, and the eyes are east and west. What do you guess?That's right, chocolate is looking for food!It is very strange that the chocolate is a little bit of behavior. It loves lying on my table tennis to sleep on the table tennis when I sleep, but I get up in the morning and it has fallen from table tennis. It is really an interesting and cute hamster.Intersection


On Monday afternoon, I returned home from school. At a glance, the chocolate in the hamster cage was gone. I thought to myself: What to do, I am going to die, my mother is most afraid of the mouse.The little hamster, I will definitely be "crushed through the corpse" ... I thought about it, so I picked up the fish of the fish, and said secretly: "Just catch a hamster today!"After I was seriously inspected in my place, I still didn't find the footprint of chocolate. I was extremely sad.It was passed down underneath, and I lowered my head and listened. The thing that made a sound was behind my box. I picked up the fish net, slowly pushed the sofa, "slap" covering the little hamster, and instantly smiled.Essence


You see, the little chocolate is really a sportsman, and the cage can also climb. Do you like it?



Rats are one of the zodiac signs. When it comes to it, people can't help thinking of "stealing" and "dirty", always bias on him, but I am different.Of course, what I like is not ordinary mice, but a hamster that "people love".


The first intimate contact with the little hamster was in the flowers and bird markets of birds and flowers.I squatted next to the carton containing the hamster, and I kept thinking: "So cute, so interesting little hamster, I really want to take it away!" My mother saw me so much, and my heart slowly softened.I took the initiative to buy a small hamster, and I said gratefully, "Mom, thank you ..."


I carefully hugged the hamster home, put the cage on a brand new and stable table, and couldn't wait to observe the cuteness.It is white as white as snow, a pair of exquisite small ears, two black eyes, four soft paws ... the small face of "mini", a dedicated expression, always allows me to make meCan't help.


I put a long plush cloth in, and saw it dragged, pulled, pulled it with my own paws ... and then kept the wood chips on the cloth with my mouth, making this cloth clean.Of course, the purpose of making the cloth so clean is to sleep this cloth as a bed.The little hamster cannot always sleep. Sometimes it eats sweet and delicious food in the food basket, runs on a round treadmill, and occasionally stretchs a lazy waist; happily rushed up and down on the arc -shaped slide;Looking at the world outside the window ...


Because of the little hamster, my life will become so amazing, as if I have become a lively and cute little hamster, we can eat with it and play together.


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