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  A good parent-children relationship should be set up on the basis mutual understanding and respect. Parents can not impose their ideas on their children. They should treat their children as independent individual. It is advisable for the parents to learn to listen to children’s ideas and encourage them to think on their own rather than decide everything for the children. On the other hand, children should listen to their parents’ advice for they’re more experienced. Try to be understanding when there is disagreement with parents. Always keep one thing in min---whatever they do comes from their love for us. It is necessary children to exchange ideas with parents from time to time so that the gap between parents and children will be narrowed.


  Today I was at the shopping mall and I spent a lot of time reading the Father’s Day cards. They all had a special message that in some way or another reflected how I feel about you. Yet as I selected and read, and selected and read again, it occurred to me that not a single card said what I really want to say to you.

  You’ll soon be 84 years old, Dad, and you and I will have had 55 Father’s Days together. I haven’t always been with you on Father’s Day nor have I been with you for all of your birthdays. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to be with you. I’ve always been with you in my heart but sometimes life gets in the way.


  My dear father,Today is Father Day,I want to say to you:“I love you !”Because you gave me life and love have to in order to our home to work hard every day.I also want to say to you:“I'm sorry!”because I often make you feel angry.

  I know I shouldn't do it.I promise I won't in the you remember you teach me play basketball?I want to play basketball with is winner?I think you can and I compare.

  Finally,I hope you have a happy Father Day.I love you forever.


  There are so many people talking about how much their mother love them, whereas seldom people realize how much love their father give them.

  In fact, father's love is as strong as mother's, but normally, fathers are not very good of expressing their feelings. Father's love is deep and silent, that's why most people think their father love them less.

  If you carefully go through your childhood memory, you will notice your father is always there when you need them, though they never said it out loud how much they love you, father's like a shelter when the storm coming, father's like a door when there is danger outside, father is someone no matter how you treat him, he will choose to bear all the pressure and let you free. So please cheer for the love of father!




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